Tax Express

The unique TaxExpress system enables clients to provide us with all necessary information to prepare their taxation return, without the need to make an appointment and waste valuable time travelling to and waiting to have your return prepared while you wait. This service is becoming increasingly popular with our clients, about 40% of our clients now prefer the convenience of this method of completing their return.*

Based on information that you provide to us by completing one of the attached Checklist, together with information that we may obtain about you from the ATO Portal (e.g. salary, interest and dividend, private health insurance information), and details that we may clarify with you by telephone or email and or that we have previously elicited from you (e.g. on last years tax return such as depreciable assets), we will prepare your taxation return to ensure that you satisfy all compliance requirements imposed upon you and that you achieve the best possible return that you are legally entitled to.

If your taxation return is straight forward the questions asked in the Checklist will be sufficient to prepare your taxation returns. If, however, your taxation affairs are a little more complex, we ask you to highlight those areas not covered by the Checklist and we will contact you to obtain full and further particulars to enable us to correctly prepare your taxation return.

Once you have completed the Checklist/s we ask that you email / fax / mail the Checklist to us together with other relevant documentation (e.g. copy of your Payment Summary/’s, dividend payment statements, share buy / sell contracts) to enable us to prepare and return your taxation return to you (by mail, email or facsimile as requested by you) normally within 24-48 hours of receipt by us (assuming that the information provided is full and complete and does not require further clarification with you). 

Upon receipt of your taxation return, please check it carefully as responsibility for its correctness vests with you (e.g. do you have necessary documentary evidence of tax deductions as penalties may be imposed by the ATO if you are unable to substantiate your claims for work related expenses in an audit). If you are satisfied with its contents sign the one page Electronic Lodgement Declaration (ELD) and return it to us, together with your payment for our tax invoice. Upon our receipt of the ELD and your payment we will immediately attend to the electronic lodgement of your taxation return.

Our discounted fee for the preparation of a straight forward salary and wage tax return by TaxExpress is usually $200.00** plus GST - higher for more complex returns with rental income, business income, capital gains, etc.*** Our terms of trade for these services are strictly payment upon completion, before lodgement is completed.

Most tax returns are processed by the ATO within 14 to 28 days of lodgement, they will then send your assessment notice to us (or to your MyGov account) and we will check it for correctness before forwarded it to you by email (or mail if you do not have an email account), and your refund will be deposited directly into the bank account nominated in your tax return.

TaxExpress – it is as simple as that!

Please print these forms off and email/fax/mail back to us for faster response when ordering services.

* Obviously if you prefer to have your tax return prepared at a face to face interview, merely call our receptionist on 9650 3888 to make an appointment. ** Current as at 1 July 2018 but subject to change without prior notice. *** Higher charges also apply for face to face appointments.

TaxExpress Checklist

TaxExpress Checklist

2019 TaxExpress Checklist

2019 TaxExpress Checklist