Mission Statement & Client Charter


Our Mission:

Southern Accounting and Consulting Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive range of quality accounting, consulting and taxation services.

This Charter details our commitment to delivering what our clients need and want from their provider of accounting, consulting and taxation services.

This Charter is our commitment to providing our clients, with the highest levels of customer service to meet their individual needs as well as our commitment to our obligations under legislation and industry self regulation.

In achieving our purpose our clients can expect us to:

  • treat you with courtesy, consideration and respect;
  • act honestly and ethically with your best interest in mind;
  • be accountable to you for what we do;
  • provide you with professional services and assistance;
  • treat you with respect and protect your privacy;
  • keep the information that we posses about you in complete confidence;
  • provide the highest quality accounting services to satisfy client’s individual needs and wants;
  • provide you with information and advice that can be relied upon;
  • ensure that our staff are appropriately qualified and receive ongoing training and development to keep abreast of changes that affect our clients;
  • provide you with advice and complete work for you that is in full accordance with the relevant law;
  • provide our accounting services to you on a timely basis, within our performance standards (i.e. generally complete substantive compliance work within 3 weeks of receipt of all necessary information from clients);
  • deal with your inquiry immediately, or we will get back to you as soon as is practically possible;
  • apologise for our mistakes and rectify same quickly;
  • use plain and clear language in our written or oral communications with you;
  • provide you with relevant information in timely and readily available formats that are easy to read and understand; and
  • employ modern office practices and technology that maximizes our efficiency and minimizes the cost of providing accounting services to you.

In achieving our purpose we expect our clients to:

  • provide us with information and or documentation that is full and complete;
  • inform us fully of any information on any issue that is relevant to us discharging their compliance requirements;
  • provide us with information in a timely fashion or as requested;
  • respond as soon as is practical to any communication from us requiring a response;
  • accept that work is generally completed on the basis of first in, first out;
  • accept our judgment, when we depart from the principle of completing work on a first in, first out basis, by prioritizing work on the basis of greater need or urgency;
  • accept that whilst we strive to perform work of the highest quality, mistakes will happen;
  • accept that tax invoices will be prepared on the basis of total time spent on performing work i.e. time spent on substantive and non-substantive work will be billed; and
  • comply fully with our terms of trade i.e. full payment on completion of taxation returns or within 14 days of the date of the tax invoice for all other work.