Company Secretarial Service

“At SACS, our in-house accountants and/or solicitors can attend to the preparation and or lodgement of documentation to satisfy the various disclosure or compliance requirements of the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority or Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Those services include the following:

  • Company incorporations;
  • Change to company name;
  • Change to company details e.g. change of office holders, change of address of office holders, change of address for principal place of business, change of shareholders details, etc;
  • Deregistration of companies;
  • Registration of business trading names;
  • Production of board and committee meeting minutes;
  • Updating and maintaining statutory registers e.g. Corporate Registers;
  • Acting as registered office facility for interested parties to inspect company records;
  • Applications for registration e.g. tax file number, ABN, GST, etc;
  • Undertaking company and personal searches; Preparation of ASIC data base updates;
  • Preparation of Annual ASIC company statements (including Solvency statement);
  • Provision of advice on satisfying disclosure or compliance obligations under Company or Taxation Laws; and
  • Establishment of all forms of business entities e.g. Partnerships, Trusts, SMSF’s.